Respect for cultural diversity and mutual understanding between peoples of different cultures and ethnic groups have become more crucial than ever before. The Asia-Pacific region is rich in cultures and heritages; however, it still requires sufficient understanding of each other due to the vast cultural differences from within and between.

“EIU Photo Class,” since 2006, is APCEIU’s youth-targeted project which utilizes the art of photography as a tool for Education for International Understanding (EIU). The programme invites lower to higher secondary school students in the Asia-Pacific to learn basic photography techniques and provides practices to zoom in to the grace of their own culture.The participating youths are expected to become active content-developers of EIU through the process.It also enhances mutual understanding among the participants from different backgrounds through cultural exchange activities.

The EIU Photo Class participants get to observe and rediscover the various aspects of their everyday lives and express their own interpretations through photographs.Their photos eventually enlighten their audiences on the cultural and individual diversity and its values within a society.

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